About kilakarai

Kilakarai alias Keelakarai is situated in Ramanathapuram district in south TamilNadu. It is a municipality under Ramanathapuram (also called as Ramnad) and too small to be marked on the map of India. The distance between Kilakarai and Ramanathapuram is 16 Kilometers.

schools and colleges

Kilakarai is flourished with schools and temples, among that Hameedia Matriculation Higher Secondary School is the one which  was started earlier. The named colleges are Mohamed Sathak Engineering College and Thassim Beevi Abdul Kader College for Women. Kilakarai has a good bustand where people can route to the nearest and farthest places. Mukku Road is the road which is at the corner of the kilakari from where kilakarai people can take buses to Rameswaram, Tirunelveli, kanyakumari and so on.

Kilakarai Welcome Arch

Kilakarai has a good market where people can get fishes, vegetables and their daily needs. Many shops are there in kilakarai and two Tasmacs (liquor shop) especially for the fun lovers. For kilakarai people the nearest railways station is in Ramnad which is around 16 Km. From there they can take the train to chennai (madras), kanyakumari, rameswaram, madurai and so on.

Kilakarai has 60 % muslims, 30 % Hindus and 10 % christians. Kilakarai peoples are having good relationships and understanding with each other. In kilakarai, things are bit costly when compared to other nearer places, As many of the family men are in Arab countries. People in kilakarai are rich in wealth and also independent and brisk in doing their day to day activities.

Nearest Villages

Villages nearer to kilakarai are mayakulam, chinna Mayakulam, Periya Mayakulam and Thirupullani. Kilakarai has a good beach where people can flock together and have fun at the evening with their family members and friends. Fishermen are harvesting the fishes from the sea for the daily needs of the kilakarai citizens and also for the near by people.


Many banks and ATMs are available in kilakarai, In kilakarai Parotas (special like Chappathi) are available from morning to evening 10 PM where as in most of the places in southern TamilNadu it is unavailable in the morning. Many business magnets are living in kilakarai by establishing their business in Madurai, chennai, bangalore and coimbatore cities.


The climate of Kilakarai is usually hot and dry. A short rainy season exists but the weather is for the most part hot and humid.
Sea Diving is one of the business that many of them do not know for sure. Unlike other town, kilakarai people could get ration items like Rice, kerosene, Wheat, Palm Oil etc from almost 7 shops available in 7 streets.

Pride of Kilakarai

Jumma Masjid in kilakarai is the second oldest masjid in the world.
CSI Church Kilakarai is one of the oldest church in south Tamil Nadu.
Vallal Seethakathi is the Pride for Kilakarai


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